Historic Flat Rock, Inc.

We Need Volunteers

Rutledge Cottage c. 1840  Photo by Sara BowenRutledge Cottage c. 1840 Photo by Sara BowenOne of the best things about HFR is our volunteers. They make things happen. When you volunteer, you serve your community. You will also have fun and meet some great people! To volunteer, just provide us with the answers to the following questions:


I. Personal Information

Phone No:
Email Address:

II. Pick the Committee(s) you want

Look at the list of committees and click on the one you want. If you can’t decide, just click on “Other” and tell us about any special skills or interests you may have and click on the link below. We will contact you and find out what you would like to do.

Membership This Committee recruits members, publishes a directory, keeps membership lists and collects dues.
Publicity This Committee is responsible for the HFR newsletter and website, articles for publication, mailings and press releases.
Hospitality Each year HFR conducts a number of receptions and special events where we need a variety of skills: i.e. bartenders, car parkers, cooks and docents.
Other If you select this option we will contact you to learn more about what you would like to do. To help us make best use of your talents, please list any special skills or interests you may have, i.e. gardening, computer skills, research and writing.

III. Skills and Interests